Get Paid to Learn Chinese - MSQ Project Manager, SHANGHAI

* New disruptive educational gaming company based in Shanghai

* Developed innovative technology to better learn languages

* Looking for top performers to join the Asian Century and develop their Mandarin

* Skills in entrepreneurship, social media, marketing, education and gaming a bonus


Mandarin Shooter Quest ("MSQ") is a disruptive way to learn foreign languages, starting with Chinese.  The company solves a key problem in making the repetition required in learning large word sets fun, fast and engaging.  Delivering content through an adventure style gaming format.  MSQ leverages the latest in brain science including, 80/20 rule, spaced repetition, effective frequency and the Rule of 7, thematic group sets, the habit loop and extended concentration through entertainment.

Supported by a Shanghai based investment advisory firm, the projects long term aim is to deliver meaningful educational games which leverage the addictive qualities of gaming for good, real world outcomes.

The role is open to applicants seeking internships, graduate position or entry into tech and wanting to expand their horizons and gain experience in China, learn the language and gain exposure to the exciting global startup community.   The opportunity is based at MSQ HQ @ Xnode JingAn (Shanghai), a creative co-working space which gives the successful applicant exposure to China's tech engine of ideas and entrepreneurship.

The role covers a full spectrum of digital marketing, media relations, game design, project management, research and online sales.

Looking for a passionate, high performing candidate who are self motivated and inspired to work on projects of the future.

Opportunities for career progression and development in line with the entities growth are available.

To apply, simply email your CV and explanation on your long term career goals and why you want to join MSQ to