Mandarin shooter quest

Learn Mandarin by Blasting Your Way Through China

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Learning Chinese in a fun and engaging way


Unlike the English language, Chinese is based on a pictographic writing system where each word carries a different symbol to represent its meaning. Simplified Chinese has around 6,500 individual characters (or “pictures”) and a mixture of those symbols provides over 80,000 possible words. Luckily however, the 1,000 most popular characters cover 90% of today’s common language interactions so there is hope...


Evolution of Chinese Pictographic Language


The typical approach to an “interactive” learning tool for languages is either situation-based, stilted conversations where you follow two people musing on rigid topics which rarely play out in the real world, or some flashcard type offering which has a low excitement or engagement piece. However, if you reference recent brain science for most effective recall methods, we can leverage a few key facts to enhance our learning effectiveness.


What if learning Chinese was as easy as spending fifteen mindless minutes a day on a fun, addictive adventure game? 


And thus, [Mandarin Shooter Quest] was born.